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What is the future for the wedding industry and venues?

Wedding venues and planners can now have unlimited guest numbers but where does that leave the future of their industry? Are the rules clear or do we need more clarity? Weddings have already been postponed numerous times over the last year and there does not seem to be any glimmer of light or hope on the horizon. However, the reality is that people still have to social distance, wear masks and are not able to go to the bar. Would you want to go to a wedding like that?

No limit on numbers at the wedding venue

Numbers are unlimited provided that “the venue or space can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place.” The wedding ceremony or reception can be outside or in a Covid secure venue. Each venue will have to carry out a risk assessment of their indoor and outdoor spaces.  Surely a limit on numbers would be better so the venue could then create a safe space where social distancing could be maintained? The other alternative is to rent a football pitch as no rules seem to apply there and pretend you are having a football party!

Home and outdoor weddings

This could be the answer as you just need to make the space or venue as safe as possible. In your private garden, you must have at least 50% of your walled/marquee area open at any time.  That sounds like half a tent or a gazebo. With the great British weather as unpredictable as it is, some sort of covering is a must.

Face coverings

Attendees over the age of 11 and staff at a wedding ceremony or reception must wear a face covering (except when eating or drinking), unless exempt. That does not include the couple or the wedding celebrant. Phew! I guess the good thing is that you can eat and drink most of the day at weddings and if you do not , now is the time to start! Would you want a wedding with all your guests wearing masks?

Social distancing

Proceed with caution.  How about giving each guest a mini tape measure and then add that to the risk assessment? Or wait until after July 19th where our freedom is definitely on the cards.


“Dancing is advised against due to the increased risk of transmission, except the couple’s ‘first dance’,” the guidance states. Shouting and hugging at a football match is acceptable though and so is a crowded G7 barbecue with nobody wearing a mask. Dancefloors and other spaces for dancing must remain closed but can be repurposed for additional customer seating or other relevant purposes..silent karaoke perhaps? Another wedding? A silent disco?  The bride and groom can have their first dance though mask-free.

Entertainment at the location

“Singing should follow the principles of safer singing “ whatever they are. We can’t even have a dance floor! Isn’t a wedding about dancing? Is socially distance dancing allowed? Many suppliers have just spent a year worrying what the future holds for them and still there is uncertainty.  Surely if they can test pilot Download festival with 10,000 guests, they can be slightly more lenient at weddings? The future of the industry is depending on normality whatever that looks like.

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