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What is the future for the wedding industry and venues?

Wedding venues and planners can now have unlimited guest numbers but where does that leave the future of their industry? Are the rules clear or do we need more clarity? Weddings have already been postponed numerous times over the last year and there does not seem to be any glimmer of light or hope on…

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Crockstead Fields: What a perfect place to get married!

If you are looking for a special outdoor wedding venue that will be unique in every way then Crockstead Fields is definitely a place worth considering. I am an independent celebrant that specializes in outdoor weddings and this is one venue that I would find a pleasure to be involved with. It had everything you could…

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Celebrant or registrar: Which would you choose ?

Organising a wedding can be very stressful, but when it comes to conducting the most important ceremony of your life , it is key to choose the right person. Your day can then be the special day you want it to be.So what’s the difference between a registrar and a celebrant ? A registrar will…

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