About me

Yes the name’s Bond, Tori Bond and licensed to bring smiles, fun and laughter to your special day! Are you looking for a celebrant with a zest for life and great enthusiasm? Then look no further!

I can offer you a light-hearted, fun and uniquely personal touch to your ceremony, no matter which ceremony you choose. I can spice up your wedding vows, create smiles through your congregation amidst tears and laughter and make your day a day that your friends and family will be talking about for some time!  Even if you choose me for a funeral it will still remain respectful, but at the same time will also be celebratory, uplifting and joyful so your loved one is remembered in a positive light.

I have many strings to my bow which could also benefit your big day. My name is not Bond for nothing! I have a performance background in comedy and acting and as well as all that I also do wedding discos!  Yes, as well as a celebrant, I am also a wedding DJ.  It’s true!  I can conduct your ceremony and if you so desire also do your music in the evening.  I can also personally guarantee that nobody will want to leave the dance floor or the wedding!   

 So why me? People who know me describe me as fun, creative, articulate, a little bit quirky with  a great sense of humour. Don’t get me wrong! I can of course be serious too!  When I am not being a celebrant, I am a part-time teacher. I’ve been teaching asylum seekers for 13 years and my goal has been to give them joy and laughter to their learning and already traumatic lives. I also absolutely adore photography and writing and am always taking photos or writing something like a blog, a poem or a play. I can add humour where is needed to almost any situation and I also write personalised poems for any occasion, be it happy or sad. I simply love making others happy and seeing smiles on their faces and would love to make your ceremony as personal and unique to you as I possibly can. We all need a bit of humour in our lives don’t we?

Do you want a service that will take away the stress of your day? If you leave it in my hands then that’s my promise to you! All you need to do is let me get to know you, answer a few questions about yourselves and from that I will create your ceremony. I am perfectly willing to conduct any kind of ceremony just about anywhere.  However, if you do choose a mountain top, give me a bit of warning!

I was trained by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants to conduct traditional and non-traditional weddings, vow renewals, baby naming ceremonies and funerals and absolutely loved every minute of the courses I took. Even though I am based in Brighton, I am perfectly willing to travel further afield and now I am getting a campervan, there’s all the more reason to travel!