Crockstead Fields: What a perfect place to get married!

If you are looking for a special outdoor wedding venue that will be unique in every way then Crockstead Fields is definitely a place worth considering. I am an independent celebrant that specialises in outdoor weddings and this is one venue that I would find a pleasure to be involved with. It had everything you could ask for to make your wedding day a memorable one.

After parking my car , I was directed down a path and told to keep left. It was a beautiful walk down a tree-lined track and my initial feelings were a sense of calm and peacefulness all around me. To my right were fields with horses and to my left was the farmhouse. It was a short walk before I stumbled across a yurt raised on decking , fully equipped with an outdoor toilet, a shower and a fire-pit.

I had arrived at the honeymoon suite! It was fully furnished with a double bed, rugs and side tables.

What an amazing place to spend your first night as a married couple. Under the stars in perfect tranquility!

After a quick look around, I then ventured into the main field, which was just a couple of minutes walk away. There was a tipi decorated with bunting to chill out in, a fully decorated marquee to hold the reception, an ice cream van, a giant Love sign , a Mr & Mrs photo opportunity and even a coconut shy. There was even a tent that was solely for kids to hang out in.

This was before you arrived at the main seating area where a hand made wooden pagoda lay under the trees. What a place to hold the perfect ceremony!

I felt a little bit like I was at a mini festival without the crowds . The ice cream van and the Just married VW all added to the theme.

Getting married there really would be an amazing experience. A whole field to yourself with all your friends and family adorned with fairylights and bunting. At the end of the evening as your guests parted to either their tents or nearby hotels, you could then go back and enjoy your first night in your luxurious yurt looking up at the stars.

If you love the outdoors and want the chance to experience a bespoke wedding surrounded by nature and also feel like you are getting married in a festival setting, then this is the place for you.

Would I want to get married there ? Without a doubt.

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